Benefits of Affiliation

clubs_logo.gifEvery day, the NRA is working to increase your enjoyment of the shooting sports by offering educational shooting programs, providing club benefits, and defending our Second Amendment rights.

NRA affiliates play a major role in the delivery system of NRA Programs. By becoming affiliated with NRA, you will send a strong message to those who threaten our gun rights and you will help to continue the shooting sports tradition.

Affiliate with NRA and take advantage of these great benefits:

NRA Endorsed Insurance

NRA Affiliated Club Insurance

Get the only club insurance plans endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Protect your NRA-affiliated club and its members during any club activities. Property Coverage insures your owned, rented or leased property. General Liability Coverage protects against bodily injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury and more. NRA-affiliated club insurance options include:

Visit us online, or call a representative at (877) 672-3006 today!

Recruiting, Grants & Awards
bene-recruiter.gif Earn commission revenue for signing up NRA members! Get started by calling (800) 672-0004.
Grants Eligibility for Educational, Program and Range Improvement Grants
bene-medal.gif Eligibility for Special Awards
Range Services
Range Technical Team Discounts on Range Technical Team Services
Discount Services
Clearent Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processing Services. If you're already accepting credit cards for your business, the NRA/Clearent program virtually guarantees to save you up to 40% on your credit card processing costs. Rates starting as low as 0.75%. Call toll free 1-866-371-2273 or visit
bene-fedex.gif FedEx and the NRA Business Alliance have teamed up to offer BIG savings on FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipping, FedEx Freight® services and FedEx OfficeSM services. Simply enroll in the FedEx Advantage® program using passcode FVMK8W13 or call 1-800-475-6708 for more information. Enrollment is free and there are no minimum shipping requirements to receive or maintain your discounts. To view a list of services available for firearm shipments, download the FedEx Services Matrix. For complete terms and conditions, please reference the FedEx Service Guide.
Discount Products and Software
AmeriCap AmeriCap Co., Inc. lets you custom decorate your own caps Made-in-USA (now including Tactical!), pistol holsters, clay bags, and a complete line of apparel from shirts to jackets to tees! Contact them today at (800) 441-5810 or visit their website at
Big Sky Carvers Big Sky Carvers - We create the world's most popular North American wildlife sculptures and they make the perfect recognition gift, raffle prize or trophy. In appreciation of the work the NRA and your club does to increase the enjoyment of the shooting sports. Let us help you recognize your NRA club volunteers, hold a club fundraiser or provide a trophy for special event. Click on this link to download our special offering flyer.
Celerant Celerant Command Retail is a real-time management system that integrates all channels of a firearm/sporting goods business, including POS, inventory management, electronic acquisition & disposition books, range management, memberships/clubs, vendor/catalog integration, sales back office, serial number tracking, warehousing, mail order/catalog, mobile applications, and e-commerce.
For more information, please contact Celerant Technology today at 718-351-2000 or visit their website at
Oakwood Controls Oakwood Control's Electronic Target Systems brings a new level of instant feedback to long range shooting, training and competition. Combining a modular frame, acoustic sensors and sophisticated signal processing electronics with an interface to your computer, our solution provides an affordable electronic target system with extreme precision at distances even beyond 1000 yards. For more information, contact us at
Smartwaiver Smartwaiver is an online, paperless waiver system that converts your existing waiver into a fully customized, interactive and legally binding document in mere seconds. No paper forms to store, messy handwriting to decipher or endless hours of transcription needed. Your interactive waiver can be completed on-site from any computer or tablet, directly from your website or by clicking on a link within a registration email. Visit to get your first month free!
Sportsmans Bench A new line of threadlockers, adhesives, and lubricants designed for the outdoor enthusiast! Whether you're into hunting, archery, ATVs, trucks, cars, boats, or just fixin' stuff, these Official NRA Licensed products are made for you. Visit their website at for more information and contact Rick Payne at for special pricing.
wild-apricot.gif Wild Apricot web-based membership software is designed for small clubs and associations. If you're comfortable with Microsoft Word, you can easily update your web pages and membership records using Wild Apricot. Automate member renewals and event registrations, and manage all your membership data and financials in one place. And because it runs right in your web browser, you don't need to download or install any software. View a brief demonstration online at To sign up for your free 30-day trial, visit

Do you ever wish that you could protect your hearing from loud impact noises such as guns, without minimizing environmental awareness? Then SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection is for you. This tiny device was built with serious shooters in mind.

  • 100% digital sound enhancement so you won't miss a single rustle, release or command
  • Extreme loud noise protection featuring a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB
  • Discreet, instant, easy-to-wear comfort unlike bulky muffs or earplugs

As a NRA Clubs affiliate, you have access to SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection at wholesale price. To learn more about SoundGear, purchase a set of your own, or learn what it takes to be an official SoundGear Dealer, contact Lance Kraemer at 800-769-8605 or

NRA Hearing Benefits

NRA Clubs & Associations has partnered with NRA Hearing Benefits, NRA's official resource for hearing health. If you are looking for answers, solutions or hearing health information, NRA Hearing Benefits is your guide to better hearing.

Your NRA Hearing Benefit includes:

  • Large discounts on Starkey® Hearing Technologies hearing aids
  • Referrals to NRA Hearing Benefit's network of local hearing professionals
  • Free annual hearing screenings for you and your entire family
  • Advanced hearing solutions with the latest hearing aid technology
  • Free one-year supply of batteries with every Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aid purchase

If you are interested in learning more about your free hearing benefit, visit our website at or call us today at 866-619-5889.

NRA Benefits
Access to NRA Educational Programs and Materials
FREE internet advertising through Find NRA Near You and the National Registry of Club Events.
FREE subscription to NRA Sports magazine
bene-affil.gif Show your NRA member pride and the five-star mark of an NRA Affiliation. Display your certificate of affiliation with diplomas, certifications and your other awards.

For more information, call 1-800-NRA-CLUB, or download the Club Affiliation Form. For Business Alliance, visit