Gold Medal Clubs

goldmedal.jpgEach year the National Rifle Association recognizes outstanding clubs that have gone above and beyond by striving to meet NRA's goals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to apply or renew your club for the NRA Gold Medal Award! Meeting the Gold Medal standard is a great way to show your pride and support for the NRA and the Second Amendment.

NRA Gold Medal Club Award Criteria

Clubs must meet ALL of the following criteria to become an NRA Gold Medal Club:

  • Be a 100% NRA Club (provide membership list or by-laws)
  • Have a Club Newsletter (please send one copy with application)
  • Belong to the NRA State Association in your state (please provide proof of membership)
  • Have administered or currently incorporate a NRA Youth Program into your club agenda
  • Be an active participant in the NRA Membership Recruiting Program


  • Priority status for NRA Range Grants.
  • Free materials for select NRA Sports programs offered on a quarterly basis
  • Copies of NRA Sports magazine provided for each member of your club (up to 100 copies)

Please submit an application should your organization meet all of the above criteria. Your club will receive a wall plaque to proudly show its achievement. A placard of the awarded year will be sent to your club each year you renew. Clubs are required to reapply each year in order to maintain Gold Medal status.

The deadline for 2014 NRA Gold Medal Awards is February 15, 2014. Applications will be mailed out to all NRA Affiliated Clubs that have given proof of 100% NRA Membership in the month of December. To access the application online, please click here.

Congratulations to our 2013 NRA Gold Medal Club Award Winners!

Airfield Shooting Club
Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee
American 1800 Adventure Club
Apple Valley Gun Club
Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club
Bismarck Mandan Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club
Boulder Rifle Club, Inc.
Branford Gun Club, Inc.
Buffalo Creek Gun Club Inc.
Cairo Sportsman Club
Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club,Inc
Castleton Fish & Game Prot Assn
Cheboygan Hunter Safety Comm
Coastal Georgia Gun Club
Colorado West Gun Club JR Div.
Cumberland Riflemen
Delaware State Pistol Club, Inc.
DeQuincy Police Association Rifle & Pistol Club
Downers Grove Sportsman's Club
East Hook Sportsmen Assn,Inc
Eastern Nebraska Gun Club, Inc.
Eaton Employee's Gun Club
Elgin Rifle Club, Inc.
Emerald Empire Gun Club
Estacada Rod & Gun Club
Florence Gun Club, Inc.
Forks Rifle Club
Fort Hill Rifle and Pistol Club
Four Corners Rifle And Pistol Club
High Rock Shooting Assn, Inc.
Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club
HomeSafety Academy
Jefferson State Shooting Association
Kalicoontie Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
Kent Rod And Gun Club
Kern Shooting Sports, Inc.
Lafayette Gun Club Of Virginia, Inc.
Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club
Lima Sabres Shooting Assn
Livingston Gun Club
Manzano Mountain Gun Club
Martin County Sportsmen's Association, Inc.
McDonald Sportsmen's Assn, Inc.
Miamisburg Sportsmen's Club, Inc.
Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club
Mother Lode Gun Club, Inc.
Negaunee Rod and Gun Club,Inc.
New Paltz Rod and Gun Club
New Pittsburg Sportsmen's Club
New Sportsman's Club
Nicolet Rifle Club, Inc.
Norfolk County Rifle Range
Northern Dutchess Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
Northwestern Gun Club
Old Trails Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc
Paradise Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc.
Rappahannock Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc.
Richwood Gun & Game Club
Ridge Rifle Association
River City Rifle & Pistol Club
Roanoke Rifle & Revolver Club
Rochester Rod & Gun Club
Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club
Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.
Shoot Right
Shoshone Co. Public Shooting Range
Silver State Shooting Sport Association
Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association
South Jersey Shooting Club, Inc.
Southwest Gun Club
Stonycreek Shooting Center Inc.
Streetsboro Sportsman Association
Strong Arms International Marksmanship Assoc.
Tallahassee Rifle & Pistol Club
The Great Lot Sportsman's Club, Inc.
Tremont Sportsman's Club
Tri City Gun Club
Tri-State Gun Club, Inc.
True Sportsman Club
Villa Park VFW Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
Waldwick Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc.
Waynesburg Sportsmen Association
White Oak Rod and Gun Club Inc.
Wilkes Barre Pistol & Rifle Club
Willmar Rifle & Pistol Club